About Duaxi and our founder Scott Buss

In the beginning…

While growing up, Scott Buss struggled with learning in school. It was a difficult journey for a young man who was not yet diagnosed as dyslexic. After graduating high school in a small town in Wisconsin, Scott knew he was not college material.

At the young age of seventeen, he started working in a mattress factory building box springs. He enjoyed working with his hands, it came easy to him, and he was interested in learning how thing were built and put together.

Wanting more challenges in life, he quit his factory job and moved to Milwaukee to begin a journey of construction industry work. When he learned and understood a specific trade, he would then move on to learn a new trade. It was a pattern of feeling incomplete and not challenged enough. He had a strong sense that there was much more out there for him.

He soon came to realize that this path was helping him to learn, strengthen and mold his aptitude of how things are designed and work, for the next stage in his life. One weekend Scott helped a friend put on laser light show and was staying in a hotel, sharing a room, when he woke up in the middle of the night and glanced at the alarm clock on the night stand between the two beds. Scott was surprised he couldn’t see the time. His friend had turned the alarm clock toward himself. “I had to get out of bed and reach over and spin the alarm clock to see the time. That was very frustrating”, says Scott.

That’s when the idea for Timeshare Alarm Clocks came to him. Create an alarm clock with two displays showing the time on both sides at an angle facing each bed it was so obvious. How to put time on your side? Scott, now back at home, realized that when standing by his closet he couldn’t see the time on his alarm clock. He would go on to design and patent his idea, his two display alarm clock. Scott also has a patent pending, for a charging docking station that can swivel. Facing an area convenience that allows a person to be able to see whose calling, listen to music, video chat or watch a video from nearly anywhere in the room.

His patent pending also includes a pivoting charging station that with the ease of sliding a button you can go from charging an iPhone (lightning), to a USB-C port, that will dock and charge Android and most other newer smart phone devices. Scott finds great pleasure in helping others see their world in a new way. The Duaxi Time Share Alarm Clock is that new way to save time, have convenience and utilize your mobile device in an effective hands-free way. Hotels, homes and dorms alike, are all able to enjoy the Time Share Alarm Clock.